Shubham Dubey

Besides being a Linux & Open source Advocate, I spent most of my time in working on low level security stuff(Malware, Rootkits, Bios, Ring negatives etc).


Creating ARM architecture environment inside x86/x64 linux

If you want your hands on arm architecture assembly then you probably would be wondering how can I generate the *ARM* assembly or use ARM toolset in general inside my intel x86 or x64 architecture system. In this article we will explain you how you can do that by using qemu and chroot.


Replace your proprietary bios with linux firmware

Intel system comes with UEFI, UEFI is a proprietary and closed-source operating system that can be exploited.NERF (Non-Extensible Reduced Firmware), an open source software system developed at Google can replace almost all of UEFI firmware with a tiny Linux kernel and initramfs.


Demystifying Linux Containers(LXC)

Containers are the future when it comes to using and shipping applications. But Linux containers or LXC can be used for more than just that. This article covers the use of LXC on a daily basis as well as for production.

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