Reverse engineering /

What's at 1st sector/MBR of hard disk(MBR Forensics)

MBR have lots of details about the hard disk or other storage disk which can be used for forensics purposes. In this article we will analyze the MBR's 512 bytes of data and try to interpret it.

Firmware /

Analyse default BIOS protection of your system against LoJax: UEFI rootkit

Malware /

Malware analyst interview questions with detailed answers (Part 3)


Creating encrypted partition in linux

The risk of systems getting physically compromise, particularly portable systems such as laptops, puts sensitive data at risk of compromise. Encrypting its data mitigates the risk of getting exposure if system is lost.


Creating ARM architecture environment inside x86/x64 linux

If you want your hands on arm architecture assembly then you probably would be wondering how can I generate the *ARM* assembly or use ARM toolset in general inside my intel x86 or x64 architecture system. In this article we will explain you how you can do that by using qemu and chroot.


Reduce Security Risks with SELinux

Discover SELinux, a security module that provides extra protocols to ensure access control security. It supports mandatory access controls (MAC) and is an integral part of RHEL’s security policy.

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